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Amstelwood is a sustainable, nature-inclusive building featuring a diverse mix of high-quality homes. The first hybrid-timber residential tower in Amstelveen, where both people and nature flourish.

the idea

A gas station and former car garage on Ouderkerkerlaan are making way for Amstelwood. This modern tower, featuring a diverse mix of high-quality residences, enhances Amstelveen’s housing stock while preserving space for nature. Green areas in and around the building promote biodiversity, providing local flora and fauna with a place to thrive. The use of natural materials ensures a healthy, comfortable living environment with minimal environmental impact. The tower stands as a distinctive landmark, serving as a proud symbol for both the neighborhood and the city.

Ways of making impact

For this striking tower, we have chosen an age-old yet innovative building material: timber. A hybrid timber construction is an innovative, yet logical choice: it is sustainable, aesthetically pleasing, and enhances living comfort. Timber construction supports the principles of a circular economy where waste is eliminated. With its sustainable design, timber structure, and green rooftops, the tower fits perfectly with Amstelveen's identity as one of the greenest municipalities in Europe.

Amstelwood boosts the quality of Amstelveen's housing supply. The diverse range of residences ensures that residents of all ages can continue living in the city, while also attracting newcomers, thus preserving the city's diverse character.

Living comfort is paramount in Amstelwood. This building meets contemporary housing needs. Green areas in and around the building promote biodiversity and provide space for local flora and fauna. Additionally, they serve as a connecting hub for existing ecological zones. The use of natural materials contributes to a healthy, comfortable living environment and ensures a low environmental impact.

Bas van Dam, Being

“Amstelveen stands as one of the Netherlands’ greenest cities, making it particularly exciting to introduce such a distinctive wooden residential tower in this location. This project symbolizes the future of urban living: sustainable, comfortable, and harmoniously connected to nature.”

Do Janne Vermeulen, Team V Architectuur

"The Amstelwood project serves as a gateway to the neighborhood, providing a chance for a striking building. Our aim is to inject vitality into an area currently overwhelmed by car traffic. It's a strategic location for densification, and by going vertical, we ultimately free up more space for nature."

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Innova Investments
Team V Architectuur