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Daring to see the bigger picture

We consider the larger context of our impact. This goes beyond profit. It’s about being conscious of our influence on personal, public, ecological and economic well-being.

Committing to a sustainable future

We believe that commitment to short and long-term environmental goals is the only way forward. We are open to using new materials, innovative processes, and different ways of working.

Fostering collaboration and teaming up

We believe that collaboration and learning from each other leads to success. This means being empathic and honest, and involving local communities, governments, partners and experts, from the start of a project.

Holding ourselves accountable

We believe that being transparent and honest about our impact and results is necessary for sustainable progress. We are here to continuously learn, while taking responsibility and being a reliable partner.

Measuring our impact

Personal impact

How will the project be perceived, used and experienced by an individual? Design, functionality, materialisation and experience of a constructed environment have specific effects on a person’s well-being. We take these psychological features into account from the start.

Ecological impact

What is the project’s impact, in terms of construction, materials, waste and energy efficiency, on the environment? What are the short and long-term effects of new construction, on a local and global scale? We strongly advocate construction following circular principles.

Public impact

How does the project create value for the local community? How well does it integrate into its local environment? Does the project contribute to the well-being of a neighbourhood, or city? Having awareness about its significance and potential positive effects on the people that live and interact with it, forms a crucial element of our approach.

Economic impact

Social growth, environmental benefits and economic growth can and should co-exist. For sustainable success of any project, it is of vital importance to take the commercial and economic value, for all stakeholders, into account. That’s why we are committed to effective dialogue and healthy relationships with investors, employers and governments.

Company impact

How did the project help our company and employees to grow, as an organization and as individuals? A business can thrive when its members feel that their contribution matters. Monitoring how a project development has been perceived by our team, and how it has influenced such features as our expertise and know-how, or our network, is beneficial to lasting impact.

Industry impact

Another manifestation of ‘being part of something bigger’, this is the law of attraction in action. How did the project help our industry move towards becoming more sustainable and social? Together we seek a progressive future.