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How our aims are translated into how we work, as defined through the following six consecutive phases.

Fase 01 What can we add, and where?
Fase 02 What are the (local) needs?
Fase 03 Form follows manifest
Fase 04 Mise en place
Fase 05 Let’s build together
Fase 06 After care

What can we add, and where?

How and where can we add value? The answer to this seemingly simple question is key to the viability of any new submission. By means of a feasibility study – by using impact scans, amongst other techniques – we  investigate the potential value that the proposed project can bring on a personal, public, ecological, economic, company and industry scale.

Whenever we have  a positive outcome, we’ll bring together a team of specialists, including architects, advisors, promotors, financiers, etc., to share our findings with. We do this to inspire our industry, and to extend our influence by inviting collaborators to join forces with us, sign our manifesto, and thus commit to our core values.