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The beating media heart of the Netherlands in one of the largest hybrid timber office buildings in the world. An incredible feat in terms of sustainability and innovation.

The idea

In a changing media landscape people, activities and functions of DPG Media are constantly in motion. Flexibility, healthy working and creativity are important spearheads for the new accommodation. An sustainable and iconic building in a green setting where creativity and collaboration thrives.

Bas van Dam, Being

"It is really exciting and challenging to develop the new head office for a fast-growing and innovative media company such as DPG Media. Constructing a timber building of such magnitude, results in a very unique office. The positive impact of the project is immense, and we hope that this will inspire others to raise the bar for sustainability, architecture and innovation as high as possible.”

Ways of making impact

The 44,700 m2 main office of DPG Media in the Netherlands will become one of the large hybrid timber buildings of the world. By using timber-hybrid building methods, the new building strongly focuses on the relationship between nature and technology.

Working and spending time in and around the new accommodation of DPG media means becoming inspired in a healthy and inviting setting. A tailor-made work environment that promotes synergy between a mix of users, functions and activities. Besides office spaces, newsrooms, and recording studios, the building also features test labs, meeting rooms, sports facilities, restaurants and an event location at the waterfront. Open spaces, voids, and outdoor areas enhance the spatial perception and encourage interaction between users. Greenery in, on and around the building offers a healthy and inspiring work environment and will add to a sense of connection with nature.

Situated next to the existing printing business of DPG Media at the Joan Muyskenweg, the new building connect the past and present. With unparalleled  ambitions regarding sustainability and greenery, the new headquarters of DPG Media sets the tone for the further developments in Amstel Business Park Zuid and beyond. In line with the vision Werkstad Overamstel, the area is currently rapidly in development, to transform the business park into a more mixed urban environment.

Surface m2

Do Janne Vermeulen, Team V Architecture

“It's been fantastic to have the opportunity to design this sustainable hub for DPG Media. A versatile office headquarters building with a soft, fluent architecture that introduces a sustainable, green, post-industrial architectural language to the raw and developing context. Ambitious in program, scale and architecture, with an innovative timber construction.”


DPG Media
Team V Architectuur
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