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Inner city development with (new) housing, offices, public facilities, restaurants, parking space, a micro forest


2019 - 2030


In development




In central Eindhoven, a partly vacant industrial site becomes the connective tissue between the hustle of the city center and the neighboring residential areas.

The idea

Join the stage: These three simple words sum up the vision behind VdMA’s radical proposition. A place that is accessible to each and every one of us: that invites, provides and inspires, and makes us wonder and feel alive. Doing so by bringing business to people, people to people, and nature to people — resulting in a fertile ground for innovation.


A vibrant city hub provides versatile housing solutions, multiple business and leisure incentives to get together, and simultaneously strengthens the city’s tech-savvy reputation.

Tom van Duuren

"Picture yourself strolling from your office desk to the gallery outdoors, for a moment becoming one with the silent forest bliss. Such an enriching contrast that must be."

Bas van Dam, Being

“What motivated me most here is recognizing the opportunity to create a new place in the dense city fabric that people truly benefit from.”

The Micro Forest

It covers one-third of the entire area, making it a fulfilling sustainable solution that allows for a closed ecosystem and also an essential component in the social fabric of the city.

Ways of making impact

Public walkway, The Loop, is a circular city trail that organically unites residents, visitors and users of the buildings, sports facilities, and the great outdoors. The Micro Forest, with vegetation native to the area of Eindhoven (modelled on a forest that grew at this same spot during the Middle Ages) serves as a new landmark for the entire area.

Below this social intervention, The Loop accommodates a completely closed-design circle, connecting ecology, health, reusable sources and residual wastes.

New mixed-use architecture reflects existing design values, whereas industrial heritage including a former match factory from the 19th century is given new life. VdMA’s proposition as a place for all citizens of Eindhoven is reflected in the diverse typology of the over 700 houses: a minimum of 25% is reserved for social housing, alongside mid-priced and free sector housing, as well as contemporary housing constructions by means of a cooperative society.

The Eindhovense Laag adds a new dynamic to the city fabric, which was thus far typically defined by low (around 17,5m altitude) and newer high-rise buildings. A second surface layer around the 17,5 meter level is designed with leisure and sports facilities, ranging from playgrounds to soccer fields, and roof gardens to climbing walls.   

VdMA’s radical innovation on an environmental, social and economic level further affirms the city of Eindhoven’s bold image as a pioneer of innovation, with Brainport as a shining example: dauntlessly embracing progressive design and technology in order to live its full potential. 

Iconic and inclusive, the Entréeplein is an illustrative example of VdMA’s use of radical innovation. A stage designed for everyone to climb — where inspiration meets entertainment, and democratic ideas can lead to growth.   

David Gianotten, OMA

“How can we create a sustainable future? Yes, we should care about nature, about energy. But there’s more to it. Sustainability also implies giving people the opportunity to think outside the box, to innovate and harvest new ideas. With VdMA, we aim at fostering this creative process, which is essential in order to sustainably thrive as a society.”

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Timeless Investiment
DELVA Landscape Architecture & Urbanism
IMd Raadgevende Ingenieurs
Techniplan Adviseurs
Municipality of Eindhoven